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Goddess Talia, Mistress in New York, USA

1) When did you start being a Mistress/Dominatrix?

About 3 years ago. I started working as a foot fetish model, then moved into session wrestling. It was through the foot fetish scene that I met someone who ran a dungeon and asked Me to join the group. It wasn’t something I had considered before but I was intrigued. I agreed, thinking I would just try it out and see how I liked it. Then I fell in love with the world, with My subs and the lifestyle.

2) What pushed (or pulled!) you into this world?

I grew up in a religious, conservative family. I hadn’t had sex until I was 24. That was an eye opening experience for Me and I decided I wanted to explore the realms of sex, sexuality, fetish and kink as much as I could. When I was presented with the opportunity of becoming a pro Domme, I was hesitant. It wasn’t a world I knew well. I had always been very dominant in My personal life though and it was something I knew I would be good at. I decided to give it a try, to push My own boundaries and grow Myself as a sexual, kinky being. It became a bit of a kink education for Me. This is why I am always encouraging My subs to push their boundaries, to do better with each session, to take more, go further. This is the same standard I have held Myself to My whole life, and it has served Me in all aspects, professional and personal alike.

3) Introduce yourself in three paragraphs, or four.

I always find this difficult. How does one introduce oneself in so many paragraphs?
I am many things. I am a small town, nature loving Southern girl who never fit in. I am an artist, a creator, always planning My next project. An advocate for the protection of our Planet, ours Oceans, and all the beautiful creatures that live inside it. An explorer who has traveled to 5 continents, almost 40 countries, before the age of 30. A fierce believer in equality for all, a feminist who holds the belief that women are the mothers, creators of Earth and should be honored and revered as such.

I am a curious kinkster, boundary pusher, explorer of edges and deep rooted fantasies. I take a holistic approach to what I do because I know everything is connected. I take pride in the complex, beautiful, creative sessions I craft for My submissives.

I am a hedonist that loves to explore, to push boundaries and expand. I am always testing the waters. I am always taking as much pleasure from life as I can, for life is either honey or the bee sting depending on how one sees it and ones ability to say “YES” My highest value is breadth of experience.
I am an empath. This was something I didn’t understand about Myself for a long time. I didn’t understand why I felt anxious when something else was, why I could walk into a room and immediately be emotionally affected by the people or energy around Me. Moving to Bushwick helped Me understand that. I could feel the energy of the streets. Once I began to understand this, I was able to harness it. It now informs everything I do. This is one of My biggest strengths as a pro Domme. I can feel My subs energy, tension, ecstasy. I know what you may need before you voice it, and therefore I can anticipate needs, desires, and craft something deeply intimate and beautiful.

5) Do you meet often with other Mistresses o kinksters in your area? do you hang out with others from the scene in your city? Tell something about the local BDSM scene.

I do! The local NYC scene is so loving and supportive. I just met with an incredible human and Domme for oysters last night. I really wasn’t expecting this world to be as supportive as it is. It is humbling to have the love and support of fellow sex workers.

6) Do you have loyal returning slaves that follow a learning path with you?

About 40% of My subs are regulars who I see every month. I love this because we can continue to grow and explore. They learn what I like and how to best please Me, and how to be the best submissive, not just for Me, but for themselves. I am transitioning away from one off sessions and prioritizing long sessions and regular subs.

7) What would you recommend to newcomers to fetish and bdsm world?

Try everything. Find a community. Go to parties. Reach out to the pros in your area.

8) Are there some fetish clubs in your city? What places would you recommend to kinky travelers? (shops, clubs, etc.)

Purple Passion is a great shop in Manhattan for all things kink. As for the parties, there are some big ones put on by places like the Standard, but most of them are underground, you have to be in the know to know about them. Find the people who run sex parties on social media and reach out to them. They will know. Find sex positive communities like Hacienda. They throw kink events sometimes and the people who go to them are often connected to the greater kink world.

9) Please list your websites, social media links, fetlife, collarspace, etc..
IG @servegoddesstalia
Twitter @GoddessTalia00

Goddess Talia

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