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Mistress Michelle Lacy, South Florida, USA

My name is Mistress Michelle Lacy. I am a South Florida dominatrix. I am most famous for my creativity, multiple day play sessions, heavy bondage and slavery training. I am also well-known for my world-famous femdom events which span a weekend or longer. I have a reputation for being a very professional and knowledgable Mistress. I own 3 dungeons, and one is on more than 5 acres with pony carts for pony play.

When did you start being a Mistress/Dominatrix? I began as a professional dominatrix at the age of 23 in New York City, where I am from. This was in 2007.

What pushed (or pulled!) you into this world?
I have always been kinky and dominant in my personal life. Whenever I encountered kinky submissive men, I never found their interests to be weird or disgusting. Instead I was intrigued and wanted to engage with them.

What are your favorite BDSM and fetish activities? and what is the environment you prefer to play in? (dungeons, domestic settings, etc..)

I have two favorite modes of play. One is “Domme-casual” which involves me being a bossy Mistress, ordering around, humiliating or objectifying men in a casual setting such as a hotel or a house. My other favorite mode of play is at a dungeon setting where I can create very long and wild scenes. Bondage, behavior modification, objectification, slave-training, humiliation are all favorites of mine.

Do you meet often with other Mistresses? do you hang out with others in the scene?

I spend a lot of time with other Mistresses in the scene and I try to be social.

Do you have loyal returning slaves that follow a path with you?

Over the years I have developed a large following of dedicated slaves and fans all over the world. You can find them singing my praises on my social media.

What would you recommend to newcomers to fetish and BDSM world?

If you are new to the fetish world, I highly recommend that you learn as much as you can and don’t be afraid to do the things you fantasize about. You will be so happy once you did and you will wonder why you waited so long.

Please list all your website, social media links, Fetlife, etc.
@FLDominatrix (twitter)
MichelleLacy on fetlife.

-Mistress Michelle Lacy