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Mistress Manita, Dominatrix in Zaandijk & Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1) When did you start being a Mistress/Dominatrix?

In the year 2000 I started as a professional Dominatrix in the studio of Mistress Maxime in Amsterdam Osdorp.

2) What pushed (or pulled!) you into this world?

My ex-husband is the reason I ended up in this beautiful world.
Through him I got to know myself better and also realized I had the necessary skills to be a good Mistress. Under the wings of Mistress Maxime I further developed my natural born skills.

3) Introduce yourself in three paragraphs (where you are based, something about you.. etc)

My name is Mistress Manita and I have my own studio for almost 20 years, where I work as a professional Dominatrix, in Zaandijk (the Netherlands). My studio is located in “the showboat” and only 20’ from Amsterdam Central thus easily accessible by taxi, train or public transport.

On a personal level I very much enjoy playing SM sessions with my slaves or masochists. That’s also the reason why having a SM session with me is such an extraordinary and spontaneous experience. Of course I’m also willing to listen to the wishes of my slaves and masochists. But they have to understand that my enjoyment during a session, is as important as theirs. I prefer to play hard, with rewards for endured pain or humiliation. The larger the endurance, the nicer the reward


Since my early childhood I am a Dominant person. I didn’t rest before the other children (sometimes with the help of my verbal or physical powers) did exactly what I wanted them to do. Later, when I was in a swingers club, exploring the limits of my sexuality, someone very dear to me introduced me into BDSM.

To my very surprise I got sexually aroused by dominating another person, even without physical contact. The power of control over pain or pleasure and the total devotion of a slave or masochist to my will, offered me long sought feelings.

After practicing SM privately, I decided to make my hobby into my work. In the studio of the very experienced Mistress Maxime in Amsterdam, I learned the last “tricks of the trade” in being a professional Dominatrix. During the time I worked with Mistress Maxime I had the opportunity to learn about techniques and play forms, I wouldn’t have got to know privately. Therefore I am Mistress Maxime very grateful for the many things I learned under her guidance. On the other hand it gave me the opportunity to find out more about my own preferences during a SM session. Especially the harder forms of SM I like most. Slaves ( both male and female ) and masochists looking for a truly hard, leather clad and demanding Mistress, will feel their place at my high heeled feet. Probably my strongest weapons of correction are my beautiful and powerful eyes. Just by looking I can break the will of most rebelling slaves or masochists. My demands are high, both physical and emotional. I demand absolute devotion, loyalty and suffering from a slave. But the sweet kisses or loving caresses they receive for endured pain or humiliation, let them quickly forget their sorrow, and will give them the proud feeling of being the slave of ” the Mistress “. For beginners, but willing to be trained to obey a dominant Mistress, I can be patient and careful. I know how important a first experience with SM is. Many promising good slaves are lost to the scene for ever because he or she got in the hands of a non-professional, money hungry so called Mistress.

4) What are your favourited BDSM and fetish activities? and what is the environment you prefer to play in? (dungeons, domestic settings, etc..)

My favorite things are: whips in general but with a big preference for the bullwhip, needles, nipple torture, anal play, training masochists – educational training – foot and shoe fetishism, cock and ball torture but the best feeling is when I can get into your head – so  all words become redundant! ) – -…

My Fetish

Every person has a fetish I think, although many people, because of their small minds, don’t dare to admit it. My absolute fetish is leather. Wearing leather outfits, combined with high heeled shoes or boots, gives me the ultimate feeling of being a Mistress.

Slaves or Masochists won’t see me very often without a leather outfit. Sometimes in combination with sexy and revealing lingerie, but always something made from leather.

Although I’m a real sadist, as a Pro Domme I’m always trying to fulfil the desires of my commercial slaves.  I always consider their particular wishes and try to offer every time a different but tailored session. In my philosophy  I’m the Mistress but the client deserves to see his BDSM wishes as much as possible fulfilled.

I’m at my best on the showboat where I host my studio, but I also love to do outside sessions and to play at a party. I like to improvise while putting down a good game in an unknown environment. On top of that I love to play in public with my slaves very much enjoying the presence of an audience. 

5) Do you meet often with other Mistresses? do you hang out with others in the scene?

In my private life I’m also very active in the BDSM scene and I like to visit fetish- and BDSM parties on a regular basis. 

I meet a lot of my colleagues at the monthly BDSM party which I organise every second Friday of the month at “the showboat” or at the Amsterdam Munch that I also co-organize.
Almost all my friends and acquaintances are active in the BDSM scene. 

6) Do you have loyal returning slaves that follow a path with you?

I have several slaves visiting Me for 17, 18, 19 and even 22 years and that is really great because in the meantime they became some kind of “friends”. It is nice to know a lot about each other’s private life after all those years.

A small testimony from my slave who I already know for 17 years:

Mistress Manita is a very professional and extremely skilled Mistress who masters the ability to connect on a spiritual level with Her slaves.

She is able to challenge Her slaves to push their limits each time. Her beautiful and severe appearance as well as Her demanding eyes are pure motivators to travel that extra mile for Her.

But most of all She is a real sadistic woman who enjoys to hurt and to dominate and who is really enjoying every single moment of Her sadistic being. A pure Mistress in heart and soul.

7) What would you recommend to newcomers to fetish and bdsm world?

Take your time to discover the beauty of the fascinating world called BDSM and talk about your feelings. Don’t hide your desires.

Always do something which feels right and don’t let anything or anyone push your hard limits unless you are ready for it and it really feels good for you! And believe it with me in the studio everything feels good and after a session with Me you probably never want to leave!

I love real people. There are enough actors in this world already.

I am real and I expect you to be real too!

8) Please list your website, social media links, etc.
Instagram: mistress_manita3