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Domina Hera, Mistress in Marbella, Spain

1) When did you start being a Mistress/Dominatrix?

I started this about 10 years ago, and I love what I do.

2) What pushed (or pulled!) you into this world?

As a child, I had a big inclination twords martial arts and it felt amazing every time I was beating the boys.
During my life it was very clear that I was borne to dominate and control.

3) Introduce yourself in three paragraphs (where you are based, something about you.. etc)

I am the strongest woman you will ever meet at my weight categorie; 54kg, 174cm. I live and works predominantly in Marbella, Spain but I also have a place in Malta. I love warm countries.

I have been training martial arts pretty much all my life, and people quite quickly realise that I have almost out worldly strength. I am fast, resistant sexy, creative and flexible. Much better then the best of what you could imagine.

4) What are your favorite BDSM and fetish activities? and what is the environment you prefer to play in? (dungeons, domestic settings, etc..)

I do love mixed wrestling/fighting and overpowering bigger and stronger men. CBT is another favourite of mine! Preatty much everything that involves violente.

5) Do you meet often with other Mistresses? Do you hang out with others in the scene?

When I lived in London yes, the scene is much more developed there. Here in Spain I am working on building up the scene and developing the market.

6) Do you have loyal returning slaves that follow a learning path with you?

Yes I have some very loyal subjects that have been with me for many years

7) What would you recommend to newcomers to fetish and bdsm world?

The best thing I can recommend is to contact me, and book a session. Be open with you experience and kinks, and I will plan and execute your introduction to this world. While I prefer in real life sessions I am also happy to do video.

8) Please list your website, social media links, etc.

Twitter: @mistressheraUK
Instagram: @mistress_hera_