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Elena De Luca, Mistress in New York City

1) When did you start being a Mistress/Dominatrix?
I started in 2009, I was 24. I had always been dominant but I hadn’t had a lot of exposure to most BDSM play. It was a real eye-opener.

2) What pushed (or pulled!) you into this world?
My roommate’s girlfriend was working as a domme and I was very curious. Then I lost my job and decided it was time to give it a try.

3) Introduce yourself in three paragraphs (where you are based, something about you.. etc)
I am based in NYC. I’ve been taking sessions in Manhattan my entire career but only expanded to Brooklyn this last year. I am loving the variety and the new subs that it opened me up to see.

As well as seeing subs, slaves and fetishists in person, I also have a large online presence. I love distance domination. Even it’s just knowing you are buying my clips to watch on your own. 

It’s all about getting in your head for me. The power exchange and the mental domination is really what satisfies me. it’s why I will never give up this amazing life.

4) What are your favorite BDSM and fetish activities? and what is the environment you prefer to play in? (dungeons, domestic settings, etc..)
My favorite activities will always include degradation, no matter the physical activity. AS for physical activities while I degrade you, I love all forms of foot domination. From gagging to ball busting to forcing you to worship my dirty soles. It’s so good. 

I also love CBT, discipline (canes and OTK are my favorites) and tease and denial.

I love playing in a dungeon but some scenes are just better in a domestic space. I have 5 spaces I currently use in NYC alone just so I can always have the best space for my needs in that scene.

5) Do you meet often with other Mistresses? do you hang out with others in the scene?
Oh yes, I love meeting and hanging out with other mistresses. My favorite part of touting is meeting the mistresses of that city and building friendships with them. 

We have the best community. I’m so lucky to be a part of it.

6) Do you have loyal returning slaves that follow a path with you?
I do. I have had some of my subs and slaves since I started. Building long-term relationships with bottoms is so rewarding b/c it allows for the play to just keep getting more and more intense over the years. 

7) What would you recommend to newcomers to fetish and bdsm world?
Do your research. There are a lot of scammers and false prophets out there. Always research a mistress before seeing her.

Also, have an open mind. You may think you can do what you have seen in videos and be disappointed to learn your body isn’t there yet. You also might expect the most intense and crazy session on the first visit and be disappointed to learn you need to build up to that.

8) Please list your website, social media links, etc.

You can find everything about me and all of my links on I do recommend you follow me on Twitter (@ElenaDeluca) and Instagram (@BlackStilettoArmy) for updates and upcoming plans.