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Lady Joanna & Lady Agata, Warsaw, Poland

1) When did you start being a Mistress/Dominatrix?  

Lady Joanna:  

I have always known that I am a naturally dominant woman and it was a pleasure for me to  show it. Over time, I have learned to do it subtly and with class, combining dominant  character with feminine charm. Unprofessionally I’ve always been a Dominatrix, but  professionally with my own studio – for half a year.  

Lady Agata:  

For me it was exactly the opposite, I always had a strong character, but I could never allow  myself to dominate. My work and interests required absolute obedience and full discipline.  Only with time I got tired of wearing the mask of a submissive and polite girl. Very  gradually I started to be fully myself, so now I can do what I really enjoy.  

2) What pushed (or pulled!) you into this world?  

Lady Joanna:  

My dearest friend from many years ago – Eryk. He himself was an experienced Master and  showed me various practices and his apartment adapted to do them. I was very  impressed. I even tried a few practices as a submissive, but it did not work for me ;). From  that moment on, I got into the BDSM climate, but from a totally different perspective. He  used to call me his “daughter”, to whom he passes on his knowledge.  

Lady Agata:  

I was always seemingly the submissive, but I didn’t quite like it. I have a very strong  character and it was hard for me to stay with someone dominant in the long run – after all,  you can’t act all the time. With time, I started to understand myself and my needs, it  happened completely by accident 🙂 I started to deal with domination, but very quickly  realized that it was something that completely consumed me and I realized how much I  love it.  

3) Introduce yourself in three paragraphs. (something about you, where you are  based..)  

Lady Joanna:  

I am a tempered and strict sadist with a head full of creative ideas. It’s better to be on your  guard while being close me, because I can bite any naughty boy to death.  

My great childhood (and present) inspiration is original Cat Woman, her story and  character. I love her unique combination of female sex-appeal with criminal cunning. Such  an exemplar of femme fatale I delightfully introduce into my own life, which gives me great  pleasure.  

Apart from BDSM, I love art and everything related to it. I am not only Dominatrix, but an  artist – I paint pictures, I also run my own Painting School (but I don’t beat nor discipline  my students there much ;).  

Lady Agata:  

I am the opposite of Lady Joanna – rather secretive and quite innocent in appearance, but I  have my dark side, which hardly anyone knows. Lady J compared herself to a Cat  Woman, I rather resemble a seductive Vampire 😉 

I love to abuse men physically. I don’t like to talk a lot, I am rather specific and task oriented. I love secrets, the atmosphere of mystery and desire. I speak very little during the  sessions, which makes many people afraid of me – which is very attractive. I am rather  unpredictable. I devote myself to all practices with passion and dedication.  

Interestingly, I am a switch. I can take on the role of a Dominatrix, but also like being  submissive from time to time. I change my role to achieve different kinds of pleasure.  However, I am a submissive person only for fun, because my nature is definitely dominant.  

4) What are your favorite BDSM and fetish activities? and what is the environment  you prefer to play in? (dungeons, domestic settings, etc..)  

Lady Joanna:  

I don’t like the stereotypical atmosphere of a dungeon or basement at all. I am an elegant  person, I value comfort and cleanliness, which is why I conduct sessions in a boudoir  atmosphere. Our studio is just like that – elegant and feminine.  

My favorite practices are: feminization, discipline, all kinds of sadomasochism. I also enjoy  looking submissive in the eyes and dominating them with my words only, playing mind  games with my pets.  

Lady Agata:  

I definitely attach to what Lady J said. We love exclusive and elegant atmosphere. All our  practices are done with taste and feeling. Ms. Asia has an amazing feeling and can create  a wonderful atmosphere by storytelling and role play. On the other hand, I have the sense  of reading men’s minds and I can feel perfectly what they need at any given moment.  

I love corporal punishment, feminization, I am very into tying up men and tormenting them  through all kinds of erotic shows. However, I love all fetishes the most.  

5) Do you meet often with other Mistresses in your area? do you hang out with  others in the scene?  

Lady Joanna:  

Only with Mrs. Agata. We’ve known each other for many years, which means we get on  well with each other and work great together. Thanks to this, we have developed a unique  atmosphere and style of conducting the sessions.  

Lady Agata:  

We only work together, we complement each other incredibly, we understand without  words. Each of our meetings is so inspiring that we immediately have heads full of new  ideas.  

6) Do you have loyal returning slaves that follow a learning path with you?  

Lady Joanna:  

I see some of them even a few times a week! Usually, most of the submissives who come  to us for the first time regularly return and continue to explore their fantasies under my  watchful eye. This is a great compliment for us both!  

Lady Agata: 

Mostly regular customers, I agree. If someone new comes, he comes back quickly. We are  new to the „market”, but the amazing thing is that people who come to us quickly become  addicted and come back immediately. It is a wonderful feeling: we are ourselves, we are  doing something fun and most importantly, we like it a lot. It is a great motivation for us.  Our slaves love us so much that they won’t cool down after one session and are already  arranging another one. Just wonderful!  

7) What would you recommend to newcomers to fetish and BDSM world?  

Lady Joanna:  

I can recommend what I’ve done myself: do not base your fantasies on porn movies, get in  touch with experienced people, try everything on yourself first, have an open mind and  love yourself and your sexuality – even if the rest of the world does not understand it.  

Lady Agata:  

I never thought that I would like this world. I always thought I was a very conservative  traditionalist. Now I definitely know that in life you have to try different things to discover  yourself, not limit yourself to opinions and what others want. You have to be yourself in  everything you do. Only then your life will be full of happiness and fulfillment. 

8) Please list your website, social media links, etc. 


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