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Berlin Mistress Domina Mercedes. Germany

1) When did you start being a Mistress/Dominatrix?
I was pretty young when I started working professional. This is a long time ago, but a Lady doesn’t speak about her age😉

2) What pushed (or pulled!) you into this world?
I always liked leather. And I liked to play and to seduce.I probably was also so angry when I started, so it was at least something like an encounter for me. And I had my first BDSM relationship.

3) Introduce yourself in three paragraphs (where you are based, something about you..
I am a professional dominatrix based in Berlin. I am one of the founder of Studio Avalon and the Residenz Avalon .
I can be all for you- if you let go.
I am not predictable, I am not artificial. I am real and in charge. I will be there and observe you. I notice everything!

4) What are your favorite BDSM and fetish activities? and what is the environment you prefer to play in? (dungeons, domestic settings, etc..)
I love to play in a dungeon, it’s a perfect stage for me. But when I play private- of course it can happen everywhere..
My favorite activities have to do with leather and clinic.

5) Do you meet often with other Mistresses? Do you hang out with others in the scene?
For many years I was the head Mistress of the Studio Avalon.
So we where always in groups, performing together.Since the Studio has closed I don’t see my former team very often. But I still have contact to the ones I was very close with.
In this days I don’t socialize to much.

6) Do you have loyal returning slaves that follow a learning path with you?
0f course. I know many of them for many years. So we have a history. I like when relationships are growing. When you know each other and when there is trust!

7) What would you recommend to newcomers to fetish and bdsm world?
Be honest with yourself and be honest to the Mistress. If you feel during the session that there is something wrong explain it in a nice way. Let go and shoot off your head.

8) Please list your website, social media links, etc.
Fetlife: dominanz2day